Let’s Create – Playroom Edition

Let’s start a ‘Let’s Create’ series within this blog! This series is going to based all around creating the perfect areas in your home. The first post is going to be all about creating the perfect playroom!

Playrooms are a much-loved room by all children and parents alike. A room for children to have all their toys in one area. A room with multiple uses, but what do you need to create the perfect playroom?

Storage Galore!
One of the first aspects you need to consider when creating a playroom for your children is storage! You will need storage galore in a playroom. Ensure there is enough storage for all of their toys to ensure the playroom can easily be tidied away when finished with. One of our favourite pieces of furniture for storage in playrooms is Kallax units!

Consider Your Children’s Ages
You should always consider the ages of your children when designing them a playroom. Of course, children of different ages will require different things in their playroom. For example, children of school age may want a desk to complete any school work. Whereas younger children would prefer it to be highly focused on toys galore, making it fun for playtime.

Will You Need A Desk?
A commonly asked question is always whether or not you will need a desk in your playroom. We will always recommend you having somewhere for your children to sit either at a desk or table. This makes the perfect area for children to complete arts and crafts. It does not just need to be used for school work.

Colour Scheme
The colour scheme you choose for your playroom is extremely important. You want something that will make the room fun, yet still, run with the theme of your home. It is always good to get children involved in decorating a playroom so they are ready to play in it.

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