Let’s Create – Walk-In Closet Edition

Walk-in closets or walk-in wardrobes are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners. With people choosing to create their own walk-in wardrobe in their spare rooms or having an extension to provide this space. But, how can you create a dream walk-in closet?

Creating a dream walk-in wardrobe can be an extremely daunting process. You may find that you are overwhelmed by all of the different choices you have, and all the different considerations you need to think about. So, today we are going to share with you how we would create the dream walk-in closet.

You should always start by thinking about what is actually going to be going into your walk-in closet. We know you are probably thinking, well it will just be all my clothes, but you need to be more specific. Knowing exactly what is going in will help you decide on storage. For example, you will need railings if you have lots of clothes to hang up. Or you may need more drawer space if you are someone who prefers to fold their clothes.

Once this has been decided upon, you can start thinking about the layout. What layout of the clothes would work best for your needs. Will it be colour coordinated, or ordered by their style?

We would also consider how large our walk-in closet is going to be. Our dream would be large enough to host a vanity desk so our morning routine including getting dressed and doing our makeup can be complete in one area. We would also have a very large mirror across one wall, so seeing our outfits would never be an issue.

Remember, everybody’s walk-in wardrobe dream will be different. There are so many options you can choose between to help make your dream a reality.

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