Choosing The Right Bed For Your Child

There comes a time where your child will need an upgrade. They will have outgrown their current cot, with them either being too long or simply being able to climb out making it dangerous for them. At this point, you will need to consider an upgraded bed for them. But how can you choose the right bed for them?

There are so many different options of beds that your child could have when they outgrow their cot. Some of the options you can choose from are a toddler bed, cabin bed, bunk beds, single bed, or double bed to name a few.

When choosing the right bed for your toddler it is important that you think about them and not yourself. Ideally, you want your toddler to become independent to be able to put themself in their own bed. If this is the case then a toddler bed will be best for your toddler. They are low down to the ground with built-in bed rails, meaning your toddler will be able to get in and out of their bed safely with no problems. They are also cheaper than some of the other options due to their size.

With cabin and bunk beds you run the risk of them falling out. These beds are at a height, meaning they will less likely be able to climb up and get into bed themselves. There is also more of a risk of them falling out and hurting themselves. These beds are only a good option if you are struggling with space. Or if you have two siblings sharing a room, the older sibling who is more danger aware could use the top bed.

Finally a single or double bed. These are again a good option but they will not allow the child to be independent. They are a better option if you fear you will need to spend a lot of time sleeping in the room with your child, for example, if they have night terrors or a special need that needs all-time care.

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