Let’s Create – Kitchen Diner

Our current favourite trend to talk about – our Let’s Create series! Today, we want to share with you some of our ideas for creating the perfect Kitchen Diner for your home.

Choose The Perfect Dining Table
When you have an open plan kitchen diner, it is important that you choose the perfect dining room table for the space. With open plan kitchen diners, you are likely to have more space to work with, meaning you want to choose a dining room table that will not get lost within the space. Choosing the perfect dining table is not something you want to rush, you want to take your time and think about all considerations for your space.

Your Colour Scheme Needs To Flow
When you are creating a kitchen diner, you need to make sure that the colour scheme flows. It is easy to treat them as two separate rooms with two separate designs, but this is not what you should be doing. To ensure it flows well you want to keep the same colour scheme throughout. This will help it to feel more natural.

Separation Ideas
When you have an open plan kitchen diner, it is likely that you will want to separate these two areas in some way. One of our favourite ways to distinguish the difference between the kitchen and the dining room is to add an island or bar with stalls. This helps to add a clear distinction between the two areas, as well as adding more worktop space and areas for people to sit.

Kitchen Worktops
Finally, you will want to consider the worktops that you are using in your kitchen diner. Naturally, when designing your kitchen you will choose something that meets your own style. But when working with a kitchen diner, you need to decide upon a worktop that meets your style and goes with the flow of the whole area.

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